We offer catering professionals to help them welcome, correct and reform their work with beer. 

Consumers, brewers, retailers, restaurateurs : we are convinced that each and every one of us has the right and duty to be not only introduced to, but also fully informed about the products we wish to use, produce and promote.

At a time when people are becoming more aware of their huge power as consumers, it is key to give ourselves the best tools to make and offer an enlightened choice. It is not only how much money we can spend, but how we can spend our money. In the end, it is questioning the kind of society model we want. 

Agalmalt offers to support your transition to beer –  craft beer.

Audit, technical training menu and pairing design: there are many ways to help you excel and make this quality your pride, your joy, and the best promotion of your work. 

Technical training

Educating yourself and your staff can be a valuable return on investment. We can help you improve knowledge and know-how around storage and serving, beer assesment and identity, tasting techniques: not only can we help you serve beer properly, but also offer the best beer experience to your customers. 

Menu & cellar design

Integrating beer in what you have to offer is laudable, and no doubt you can have an opinion about the beers you would have. Sometimes considering some help to do so is wiser.

Consistency, pairing, price ranges: just to quote a few dimensions that definitely make the difference. And we can do this, together.

Pairing courses

Taste alchemy is rocket science. Or is it? Depending on your project, whether you’re a chef or a cook, an epicurian cuisine-enthusiast or a doubtful customer: let’s gather around food and booze, and let’s figure something out.

You’ll see: mouthgasms aren’t just a fantasy.


Doing research and making encounters allow us to gather valuable information that goes way beyond beer. If you’re curious about what lies behind your funky/funny/serious/favourite beverage, we might find some common interest. Whether you want to join a scheluded conference or have a specific topic in mind, we definitely should meet.

Collaborative events

“Together we’re stronger” is one of our favourite leitmotivs. We carefully choose our partners, following simple yet strong ethical references. Transparency, independence, environment-friendly driven production: with us you got a few certitudes at reach, one of them is the quality of our collaborators. Maybe you’re the next.