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Over the last 25 years, the brewing environment in Europe has undergone profound changes, and beer is enjoying a resurgence of interest for a wide variety of reasons, both noble and less noble. Such richness and liveliness provokes passionate debates and reactions.

There are those who love to combine quality and quantity, who spend their free time visiting breweries, attending summer and winter festivals, commented dinners and group competitions. There are also those who happily sluice the bins with friends in front of an excellent game.

On the other hand some cannot bear beer:  the smell, the state it can induce, or simply the images it conveys.

At Agalmalt, we invite everyone to visit beer places, to meet each other, to share their opinions. We allow them to put into words their sensations. We invite them to embrace what they taste, and what tastes good to them. 

There is even beer for those who do not like beer. There is. Try us.




‘First and foremost, the Belgium Beer Week (BBW) focuses on Belgian beer culture by offering diverse, beer-inspired activities at multiple, beer-related locations during the course of an entire week. Such activities not only include city tours but also visits to breweries, cafés and summer bars.

By doing this we aim to create a unique experience for beer aficionados, tourists and the casual passer-by alike. In order to achieve this, we will promote all activities that in some way relate to a passion for beer, the pairing of beer and/or the brewing of beer. All beers, local and foreign, are likewise welcome.

Because we aim to not only reach the cafés and bars out there but also the bottle shops, breweries and clubs, we will keep the spectrum of beer-inspired activities as broad as possible: Tap takeovers, tastings, tours, workshops, (online) seminars, it’s all possible – be creative!’


Agalmalt and the Hermits come together to explore the virtues that guide them on their respective paths: autonomy, independence, enlightened quest.
Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, the Ermitage nanobrewery opens its doors to the public, with Cedric to take you for a tour.

20 eur / 1h15 / tastings included.

Sessions in French and English.



Every month, Agalmalt invites you to one of our favorite places in Brussels to explore together one of the many aspects of beer. It is not only a tasting, but also a workshop to dig deeper into one specific theme.

25 eur / 2H / starts at 7.30 pm.


Chut ! ça fermente.

16 APRIL 2020

Hop ! Hop ! Hop !

14 MAY 2020

Off Road !

18 JUNE 2020


Every Month, Agalmalt offers at Café Caberdouche formative tastings for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of brewing craftsmanship.

It will provide you with the essential keys to make your way through any beer menu and will allow you to consolidate your essential basic knowledge. 4 tasters included.

30 eur / 1H30 

In French.